Mom Upset Over Cruel Note Left At Daughter’s Memorial (Photo)


A Tennessee mother is upset over a note left at the roadside memorial for her daughter. In October 2015, 19-year-old Emma Skrabacz was killed by a drunk driver in Kingston Springs.

“He veered into her lane and struck her and instantly killed her,” Catherine Skrabacz, Emma’s mother, told WSMV. Friends set up a roadside memorial in Emma’s memory, and the items left usually bring a smile to Catherine’s face.

“I come out here at least once a week,” Catherine said, according to WKRN. “Just somewhere I can sit to remember her and feel close to her.”

But a note that she found on March 15 in front of Emma’s picture upset her.
“How long are you going to keep piling junk on this beautiful Bellevue roadside? What obviously started as a simple cross and 1 bouquet is now in plain terms, illegal littering.

The cross cannot even be seen and an enormous shiny red something that will never decay is hung up in the tree. PLEASE clean this up, for respect of the neighborhood AND your departed loved one,” the note read. Catherine was brought to tears from the note.

“I went home and sobbed for hours,” she told WSMV. “I just thought, why would someone go out of their way to be so cruel?”

The grieving mother posted a picture of the note to Facebook, and has received many comments offering support for her family and the memorial.