Mom Finds Out Son Has Been Bullying At School, How She Handles It Has Gone Viral


Update: To answer a few questions. Yes my son can see it, he was tagged in it before it went viral (which I didn’t realise was going to happen) so his friends could see that his actions have consequences.

He is not big, clever, hard, or funny. He’s a 12-year-old boy answerable to his mam. I don’t much care who doesn’t agree with my parenting style.

My son humiliated and embarrassed a girl, regardless of his reasoning (which was he didn’t expect to break the shoe he just thought she may step out of it or stumble) that little girl still cried, for anyone’s knowledge that girl may have left her old school

because she was being bullied… then imagine how much worse my son’s ridiculous act would have made her feel.

So my so-called embarrassing him online is quite frankly nothing in comparison to the humiliation that little girl had to face walking round with a broken shoe and red eyes from crying when she is new.”

In the end, she closed the debate with a post script.

“Ps… of course I sat and spoke to him about his behaviour. I didn’t just tag him in a post and he read it! I am wholly confident this was a single occurrence which won’t be repeated.”

Jacob apologized for bullying the new girl.

Do you think this kind of public punishment works? Or was it too intense?

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