Mom Finds Dozens Of Snakes In Wall, Then She Gets Devastating Letter From Landlord


After seeing the monsters taking over their home, Tonya Bell and her children don’t want to go back. At least until they’ve been reassured that their problem has been solved.

Right after the Kansas City mom signed a two-year lease, she discovered that she had been lied to. The problems started immediately. The house was filled with mice. They were so bad, she would see them all the time – and they were not afraid of humans.

“The mice were really bad, jumping in and out of the trash cans. Eating on my bread. Everything,” she told Fox 4.

But while the mouse infestation was bad enough, that was hardly the end of the problem. Something so much scarier was hiding within her walls and it was just a matter of days before she found out…

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Because the mice problem was so extensive, Bell needed to set traps. She bought sticky traps and laid them out around the home – some in the kitchen, others on the carpet in her daughter’s bedroom.

The next morning, her daughter’s screams woke her up. Bell came running into the girl’s room. But when she looked at the sticky mouse track, the K.C. mom screamed too!

A wriggling snake had been caught! They didn’t just have a mouse problem, but a snake problem too.

Horrified, Bell told Fox 4 all about it.

“I’m like wow! You know that could have gotten around my daughter’s neck. Anything. It could be poisonous.”

While one snake is nothing to be too worried about, that was only the beginning. Her landlord had blatantly lied to Bell to get her to sign the lease for two years. The Kansas City home not only was infested with mice, it had a snake problem.

In less than a week, Bell found eight more snakes. Then she started to hear them moving, slithering in the walls.

“It is scary! We can’t sleep. Every time I hear a noise in the wall, because I know they’re there. They’re in the walls. It is just creepy.”

Because the kids know that snakes are hiding in the walls of the house, they are too terrified to sleep at night.

“My kids don’t want to come home. They want to stand outside. They want to sleep in the truck.”

Because her landlord lied about the pest problem, Bell and her family have been forced to sleep in the truck and are now effectively homeless.

Fortunately, Bell was able to get out of the lease. But her landlord refuses to return her security deposit. Without the deposit, the hard-working mother cannot afford a new apartment. She will be sleeping with her kids in the truck for a while…

“I’m living paycheck to paycheck. I really need that money. It was hard for me to even get up all the money to give to them.”

Fox 4 requested an interview with the company that manages the property, but they denied the press their request. The landlord has refused to return reporters calls.

Now a second woman has come forward who reportedly lived at the home. She said it was infested with mice and snakes when she lived there.

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