Hospital Staff Fired On The Spot After Video Of Them Going Viral On Social Media


A group of nurses have been fired from an intensive care unit at a hospital in Antalya, Turkey after a film surfaced showing them performing an energetic folk dance on the job.

As the footage, which was originally filmed on December 23, 2013, went viral over the last few weeks, the dancing nurses lost their jobs.

The nurses are wearing official scrubs as their comatose patients await urgent care. But the workers are busy enjoying themselves at the private hospital and have put the care of their patients second for a moment.

The video only surfaced this week because it was shared online by a hospital employee. Now those involved have lost their jobs…

As soon as hospital manager Hüseyin Sarı, saw the dance footage, the workers in question were put on notice. The incident, which is being taken seriously, was also reported to the Provincial Health Directorate.

Because the hospital boasts the best-equipped Intensive Care Units in Antalya, this footage pokes a hole in their claim.

The hospital, which employs 580 professionals, is ashamed that their employees are dancing on the job while they should be working to rescue the patients in intensive care.

Hüseyin Sarı emphasized that his hospital does not tolerate this kind of behavior. As a result, the employees in the video no longer work there.

Watch the video below. You’ll see the workers dancing and shaking their chests. In the background, comatose patients lie on the beds. They are desperate for attention.

The video has gone viral in the days since its release. Here is what people on Daily Mail are saying about the clip:

“I don’t see the problem. Working in such a place, you need to have a laugh every now and then , what’s wrong with that?” one viewer questioned.

“There is a time and a place for everything ,wrong time wrong place.”

“I don’t think they should be sacked. This type of nursing must be very stressful and it was just before Christmas so they probably were just looking forward to the festivities. They weren’t doing anything to or involving the patients in any way.”

“Actually I believe you are suppose to try to stimulate people on comas. Talking, sing and dancing may satisfy that requirement.”

“If I were comatose, I’d want this. What is wrong with good energy?” wrote on Chicago resident.

“I’ve worked in health care for over 25 years and have seen this kind of camaraderie many times and never heard any complaints.

Quite the opposite, actually! The only problem here is the fact they taped it with multiple patients in the room. Happy staff=happy patients.”

“I was in an intensive care ward after an accident. The dedicated staff were brilliant, and gave their all and more to help in any way they could to all the patients there, nothing was too much trouble.

I can remember a couple of times during the day a nurse there sang so sweetly, and another did a little dance.

I can honestly say they cheered me up so much as to two patients who were like me, ill but awake. It would have been heartbreaking to learn they were dismissed/sacked for something like that.”

Do you think their dancing was acceptable or wrong?

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