He Was Hoping His Bird Would Do It Again, And He Does. Hits Record Quickly As He Can


We have heard phrases like “for the birds” or “bird brain,” but these little creatures are a lot smarter and funnier than we give them credit for.

In fact, they are also a little terrifying, because, in case you did not know it, your parakeet happens to be the closest living relative to the crocodile.

Just in time for your mid morning break, we have found the most wonderful YouTube video of the week.

In it, we get to see a little bird playing with a paper towel. This clip is going to put a smile on your face for the rest of the day when you watch it.

Just when you think the interwebs could not get any cuter, alongs comes this adorable little feller named “Little Bird.” this two year old caique is a kind of parrot, and he loves to play and dance, and whistle. He also loves his discarded paper towel, as this video shows.

Parrots and related birds may seem like great pets, but they can be a huge responsibility. They are intelligent and emotional creatures who typically bound with only one caregiver

during their lives, and they can live as much as eighty years in captivity, meaning they are a lifelong relationship.

This YouTube video has been watched over two and a half million times and thousands of people have commented on it, saying things like:

“Glad to see the uploader’s explanation below about the adorable bird’s wings and flying ability…relief!

People are used to sad horror stories regarding animals, so don’t be so hard on someone for wondering. All that being said, this is cute and lovable beyond description, thanks!”- ALA freedom

“I’d hire this cleaning service.”- Anon.

“IT’S CUTE AND I NEED IT.”- The Edgiest Edgelord That Has Ever Edged

“Clearly the pathetic human threw in the white flag of surrendering to the bird, and now the bird is basking in victorious glory.”- Wolf Snack

“I dunno how many times I’ve watched this video now. It makes me happy when I’m sad or anxious. This clip made me consider getting a caique sometime in the future. Edit: sorry, TWO caiques. I know they need company by other birds to be happy.”- Josephine Walther

“The insane level of cuteness made my face implode.”- Pedro

“That’s a Black Headed Caique. Caique’s are the cutest little birds, and they have such big personalities! They’re feisty, then super affectionate a few seconds later. They’re like playful bipolar toddlers!”- My Beautiful Muffin

  • “I wish I could be as happy as that about anything.”- Nathan Powell
  • “This bird is happier with a paper towel than I am with life.”- James Frain
  • “This is just too precious! Can’t stop watching it!!! That bird is adorable!”- Articgoneape
  • “why does this video even dislikes??!!! this is the cutest thing on earth.”- wbkn

“Aww, cute little bird, having so much fun! My Lynx kittycat used to fetch noisy paper like a doggie.”- Violet Petals

“Closest living relative of the dinosaurs, these things. Mighty fearsome creatures.”- Jacquibin

“I wouldn’t want to pick a fight with one on account of their thick hide and razor sharp teeth.”- Randy H.

Do you have a pet bird? Tell us what it is like to live with one of these charismatic little guys here.