Sad Homeless Man Sits On Same Corner For 3 Years, Until Curious Mom Pulls Up To Ask Him Why


So, she began visiting Victor on her lunch break. The pair became friends, and Victor agreed to stop by her house whenever he wanted to get out of the freezing weather.

But Ginger didn’t stop there. Over the next three months, she helped Victor seek mental health treatment, got him off the streets and hired him to work in the kitchen at Art of the Meal.

Ginger also continues to document Victor’s story on a new Facebook page called “This Is Victor.”

The page went viral, and it wasn’t long before thousands of people were following the story and sending support.

Victor’s community joined in on the kindness in droves.

People donated clothing and supplies, and set him up with doctor’s appointments and eye tests.

He has put on some much-needed weight and can finally see clearly… in more ways than one!

After the story went viral around the world, Ginger connected with Victor’s uncle. Victor finally got to reunite with his mother.

She also created a GoFundMe page to help raise funds. Within months, Victor received nearly $17,000 in donations.

“She came around and she kind of saved me,” Victor told KHOU. “It’s like grace.”

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