Here’s What It Means If You See Someone Near You Wearing A White Bandana


President Donald Trump has targeted some of fashion’s elite designers, namely Tom Ford who vowed not to dress First Lady Melania Trump. Ford called his clothing “too expensive” for Melania. And obviously, Trump did not like that…

But Ford is not the only designer and fashionista banding together to get political. During New York Fashion Week, people from all over the world expressed their dissent at President Trump by donning their catwalk models in politically motivated clothing.

For example, models wore shirts that read, “Revolution Has No Borders.” But for those who cannot afford the world’s most expensive clothing, people are using white bandanas to express their discontent with President Trump.

So, if you see someone wearing a white bandana, they are against Trump…

At New York Fashion Week and now everywhere across the globe (including social media) white bandanas appeared as a form of solidarity against the 45th president.

Everyone from models, to new fashion designers to icons like Tommy Hilfiger wore white bandanas to protest Trump.

Most of the models at the TommyLand Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2017 Fashion Show wore a white bandana on their wrist. It was used as a symbol of “unity.”

Because massive social media influencers like Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid have shown off their white bandanas on their profiles, people around the world are weaing the white bandanas and sharing posts with the anti-Trump hashtag #tiedtogether.

Hilfiger did not make guests pay for the bandana. He left them on the seats so anyone who wanted to could join the protest.

Hilfiger is not the only designer who has plans to protest Trump. Raf Simons, who is a designer for Hilfiger, sent his bandanas to guests before his models hit the catwalk.

Fox News reported that his popular white bandanas were sent along with a note that read: “Unity, inclusion, hope and acceptance: Join us at Calvin Klein in wearing the white bandanna. #tiedtogether.”

Simons was asked to speak about his political motivations. He said, “When you have a voice, you should use it.”

Fashion news company Business of Fashion (BOF) shared an open letter on their website asking the fashion world to unite against Trump.

“In fashion, visuals often speak louder than words. So join together this Fashion Month to make a simple and singular visual statement: wear a white bandana as a sign to the world that you believe in the common bonds of humankind — regardless of race, sexuality, gender or religion.”

The open letter seems to target Trump’s executive order to prevent Muslims from entering America. Although the Muslim Ban had been overruled by the court system, the fashion world wanted to make sure the liberal majority did not relent on fighting Trump’s administration.

Besides asking people to wear the white bandana, they also asked people to donate to the ACLU, which fights to defend Americans rights and liberties as outlined in the Constitution.

“Please also consider donating to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and UNHCR, the UN’s Refugee agency.”

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