42-Year-Old Mom Gets Completely Naked, Does Something Disturbing With 3 Young Boys


A 42-year-old mother was released on bail shortly after being arrested on multiple counts of statutory rape involving three high school football players.

The small town of Mount Shasta, California, was shook up when the investigation began in September 2016.

With a population of only 3,600, according to the Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce, word traveled fast that Mary Frances Fletcher, also known as Debbie, was under investigation after meeting the Mount Shasta High School football team and, later,

allegedly sleeping with three of the players in unincorporated parts of Siskiyou County. The relations are said to have happened over a period of several weeks. 

What began as a team photography session that Fletcher attended resulted in suspicion of illegal se*ual relationships over the course of many weeks and is now shining a spotlight on the small town — with several news agencies following the investigation.

Fletcher, a dental hygienist, according to the Daily Mail, was arrested after a months-long investigation by the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office.

News 10, which followed the investigation closely, reported that the Sheriff’s Office had indicated an arrest would be made “in a few days” at the beginning of December 2016.

The office ultimately said there was no rush because Fletcher was not a danger to the community.

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