4-Year-Old Girl Comes Home From Daycare With A Busted Lip. Then Mom Watches The Video


A Texas daycare worker is facing very serious charges after he was allegedly caught on camera slamming a little girl to the ground at work.

According to ABC 7, an unnamed parent contacted the Montgomery County Precinct 3 Constable’s office on Wednesday and revealed that a child had been injured at the Children’s Lighthouse Daycare on the 2800 block of Waterbend Cove.

Since the serious accusations were made, investigators say they have actually uncovered clear video footage that shows Gregory Diglin violently grabbing a 4-year-old girl by the arm and tossing her straight to the ground.

According to ABC 7, in the video, the little begins to scream in pain as she face slams into the hard ground in the video surveillance footage.

“Don’t tell me no! Get off the floor!” Diglin reportedly screamed at the child in the video.

After brutally throwing the 4-year-old to the ground, Diglin was reportedly seen on camera attempting to clean up the little girl’s injuries.

According to reports, while the little girl has since been examined by a doctor and will recover from her injuries, she will likely suffer from long-term dental trauma.

As ABC13 reports, the daycare center has released the following statement about the incident:

The video that has been made public is extremely disturbing. Our concern is with the child and her well being, which is of ultimate importance.

A teacher who is now no longer employed at Children’s Lighthouse of Spring Harmony acted in a manner that neither we nor our franchisee accept or condone.

The owners of Children’s Lighthouse of Spring Harmony terminated the teacher’s employment immediately. Children’s Lighthouse Franchise Company and the owners of Children’s Lighthouse of Spring Harmony are cooperating with local authorities to ensure that the situation is handled properly.

The Children’s Lighthouse of Spring Harmony is independently owned and operated and has established a reputation for being a warm, welcoming and safe environment for young children and their families. The educational daycare center continues to live up this reputation for the families.

The safety and heath of all Children’s Lighthouse students is a top priority, and the training of staff is always ongoing. Additionally, the training that Children’s Lighthouse Franchise Company provides its franchisees extends beyond state regulations.

The little girl’s family is said to be furious over what happened to their daughter at the hands of Diglin.

“The little girl is actually quite smart and was able to explain very well for a four-year-old what had happened,” the family’s attorney, Jeff Kemp, told KHOU. “What happened is every parent’s worst nightmare.”