Trump Had No Idea The Cameras Are Rolling, Capture Moment That Will Go Down In History

America was founded on religious freedom hundreds of years ago, and the president has always been raised a Christian. Most were predominantly Protestant, while John F. Kennedy was the only Roman Catholic.

And because of this long-standing tradition, it is no surprise that President Elect Trump is displaying his Christian faith on a regular basis as he is proud to do.

Because faith is a big deal in America, the religion of the presidential nominees and presidents mattered to the people.

Donald Trump is of the Presbyterian faith. And as any person who followed his life would say, he really does live by the Christian tenement.  In a video from not long ago, cameras captured a candid instance where Trump displayed his link to his Presbyterian faith and it is absolutely inspiring.

If you voted for Trump, you’re going to be feel reaffirmed in your choice, when you see how he prays below. Check it out now…

Recently, Trump met with a group of well-known figures in the Protestant church. While at the meeting, President Elect Trump allowed these religious leaders to issue a prayer for him. And you must remember that this video was captured before the establishment chose him as their president.

The religious leaders, confident that Trump had enough experience to govern the land, asked God to give Trump the wisdom to do a wonderful job.

Those prayers already seem to have been answered because he won. And on January 20th we will start to see that Trump will hold true to his numerous promises along the campaign trail.

More than 1 million people have tuned in to watch the video of Trump receiving these religious leaders’ prayers. And hundreds have commented on the footage including:

“I am so blown away….by my future president Trump….coming to a prayer meeting……like a fish out of water…..but who CARES? The Lord has revealed to me that Trump is the “SECULAR” King that Jehovah God uses every now and then to get a great job done.

The United States has NO Christian leader able to raise our country from “THE DEAD”. The death by Obama. This man has risen to save us. I am praying in Jesus Name….that Donald TRUMP will be elected….to save the United States…from CERTAIN DEATH!”

“Many of those Walking close to God have been sucked in by the lies of the World and know our only solution is God and God is using Trump today”

“You naysayers are deceived by the enemy! There is a great anointing of God on this man. Your racial hatred and critical Spirit places you on the wrong side of Gods plan. Cast off that ungodly Spirit that comes from the secularists.”

“God answers the prayers of the righteous! Not those who pray to mammon or money and I wonder about some of the so-called pastors in this group!”

What do you think about this Trump prayer group? Does it enhance the way you view President Elect Trump?

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