Security Had A Bad Feeling, Search Man. Arrest Him After Seeing What’s Glued Inside Undies


Cuban customs officials caught a smuggler red handed recently when a man tried to board a plane with sixty six birds stuffed into his trousers.

The terrified exotic birds were rescued after officials noted strange bulges in the man’s crotch and legs.

He was seized while trying to board a flight to the United States. The man is reportedly still being questioned – and, according to police sources, he faces up to two years in prison. You are not going to believe this story.

The man was stopped as he tried to board a plane bound for the United States. Customs agents had noticed peculiar bulges in his pants and pulled him aside for questioning.

After a few minutes he was ordered to submit to a strip search.

Custom agent Hermogenes Yonsiver says “He said: ‘What I have here is a pigeon that is a gift for my grandson’ but that too was a lie.

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