School Tells Lunch Lady She Has To Take Food From Poor Students, So She Takes Action

A Pennsylvania middle school employee is taking a stand for the kids as she quits her job in disgust over school policies.

The cafeteria worker quit after being given a new school board policy regarding children who were delinquent with their lunch accounts.

Stacy Koltiska resigned from her job as a cafeteria worker at Wylandville Elementary School after the Canon-McMillan School District enacted a new policy regarding delinquent lunch accounts.

According to the policy “After overdrawing the cafeteria account by twenty-five dollars, students in grade K-6 will be able to charge an alternate lunch which will consist of a sandwich, a fruit/vegetable serving and milk. Students in grades 7-12 will not be allowed to charge any additional lunches.”

Speaking with a local news station, Koltiska said “They get one slice of cheese between two cold pieces of bread, not even toasted. What am I supposed to do?

Take their hot tray, remove the food, put down the cheese sandwich and throw it away? And the food director said, ‘Well, don’t let them see you throw it away.’”

Her discontent with the policy came to a head when she was required to seize one young student’s lunch.

“He was like, ‘Oh chicken,’ and his eyes welled up with tears and it was so heartbreaking and I’ll never forget it,” Koltiska said.

She is also mad that they are still charging students for hot lunches when the kids are only receiving cold sandwiches.

The former School employee has taken her concerns to social media, posting about the problem on her Facebook page.

“These people pass these laws and regulations, but we are the ones taking that food from that child, not you. You make your policies, but we have to enforce them,” she said.

The Canon-McMillan School board has responded, also on Facebook, by issuing the following statement:

“The purpose of Policy 808.1 is to resolve what has become a statewide issue at our local level. It is to address accountability for deficit lunch accounts accrued by families with the ability to pay for their child’s school meals.”

People have taken to social media to share their thoughts on this case, saying things like:

“My aunt works as a lunch lady and she says it’s appalling how much food goes to waste and the school system forces them to throw unused food away when she feels it could go to much better use feeding the homeless or kids who don’t have money to pay for lunch.”- Insanity Rises

“We pay for public schools with taxes, so why aren’t lunches included? I never did understand this simple concept.

Each kid has a student ID now. Just punch in that ID once a day to purchase your basic meal. Snacks and things still cost money if you want. problem solved for literally everyone.”- Duo1666

“I grew up going to schools that provided good food regardless of payment, and hearing the cold lunch you get if you can’t get a hot lunch is just…ugh. Bread and cheese? Really?

They couldn’t be bothered to even add a slice of generic sandwich meat? What of the people allergic to dairy food but can’t afford a hot lunch? All they’d get is two pieces of bread. That’s just awful.

I could go to the dollar store and get microwave meals better than that. I understand a school not providing high class food due to low budgets and stuff like that, but surely even a low budget school could provide something better than bread and cheese.”- Anon.

Should schools be allowed to prevent kids from having lunch because they are behind on payment, or should lunch be free for all public students as a part of providing a healthy environment conducive to learning? Share your opinions with us here.

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