Police Regarding What They Found In Man’s Home: ‘Most Disturbing Thing We’ve Ever Seen’


A man in England confessed to owning, making and handing out 9,000 images of child and animal porn.

Even police say they were shocked by the kind of images 33-year-old David Carey had in his possession, reports the Daily Mail.

“The officer gives a full description of the images, which he says were some of the worst he has seen,” said Prosecutor Emma Dowling in court, the Daily Mail reports.

While in court, Carey admitted to 13 offenses spanning from indecent footage possession to creation and distribution from 2012-2016 while living at home with his mother.

In addition to child pornography, Carey owned over 160 images and videos of people engaging in sexual relations with animals.

A judge has not yet handed out Carey’s sentence; his case has been adjourned until the week of March 20. A psychiatrist will see him in the meantime, while a pre-sentence report will be made.

From authorities to social media users worldwide, people expressed disgust and outrage over Carey’s offenses.

“Carey’s stomach-turning collection is a catalogue of crime scenes which show innocent children being robbed of their dignity,” a spokesperson for the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) said. 

However, some disagreed over what kind of punishment the man should receive.