79-Year-Old Comes Home To Half His Driveway Blocked Off. Quickly Finds Out Devastating News


For 25 years, Oliver Lynch, 79, has enjoyed a peaceful existence in Osceola, Florida. He loved every one of his neighbors and lived by the words Elias Hicks once preached: “To be a Christian is to love God above all, and our neighbor as ourselves.”

The elderly man had never had a problem with anyone around town since retiring to the loving community filled with palm trees and blasted by the sun.

Then one day he returned home after a day out to find something shocking. His neighbor had suddenly blocked off his driveway by placing a row of cinderblocks down the center of it. No warning. No notice. Just pure passive-aggressive action.

Lynch, who didn’t have a neighboring house on the other side of the driveway was clueless. Why would someone block off his property? He was stumped…

After the initial shock wore off and Lynch began parking on the street because he could no longer access his driveway, he began to do some investigating.

He discovered that a rich developer had bought the vacant lot next to his property.

When the rich buyer examined the land deeds, he determined that Lynch’s driveway was on his land.

TO get revenge, he blocked off half of Lynch’s driveway without saying anything to him about it first.

But old Oliver Lynch was not willing to just take it from the rich property investor. He decided to fight back.

He was scared that the new person would keep pushing back on him and taking over more of his property. He needed to put up a fight before things got out of hand.

“I have little fight left in me, and I hate to see somebody bulldoze over me,” Lynch told Channel 9’s Ryan Hughes at the time. “I just hate to be bullied.”

Lynch contacted a lawyer. He wanted to learn his property rights before fighting the newcomer.

Upon investigation, Lynch’s lawyer discovered that the records showed that two twelve-foot driveways are allowed side by side.

“What’s he going do with these extra few yards of concrete?” Lynch asked.

Lynch remember his first contact with the man trying to steal his land. He told Channel 9 that the rich neighbor said “he was a minister or something like that. [A] God-fearing man. But I don’t think that’s very Christian-like!”

The story went viral and the new neighbor took the heat. As soon as the local news began broadcasting his illegal activity on the television, the neighbor changed his tune.

The neighbor approached Lynch and told him he “meant no ill will.” Then why did he try to block the elderly man’s driveway?

Check out the interesting video report below to see how things turned out!

“Even if it was technically his property, he could’ve been heck of a lot more considerate,” one viewer said.

  • “I’d just sledgehammer the bricks and throw them back in his property,” Eli Purser wrote.
  • Do you think this man was trying to bully the elderly man?

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