It’s Worse Than Cops Could Have Thought. Take Immediate Action After Peeking In Basement


In 2014, a suburban Atlanta couple was accused of locking their son in their basement for months at a time. They have been held in jail since their arrest. But now they have filed a joint “plea offer” demanding for their charges to be dropped and the state to pay them $600,000 per day they’ve been held behind bars.

Therian, 39, and Recardo Wimbush, 35, reached out to Gwinnett County prosecutors with their ludicrous “deal”, in which they want taxpayers to hand over “restitution redress” because they have been charged with a crime.

Their reasoning? The couple claims to have been falsely imprisoned after they were accused of locking their oldest son in a basement bedroom for two years…

Each parent was charged with false imprisonment and cruelty to children. They have been held without bail because they are considered a flight risk and a danger to society.

Although they were arrested two years ago, these parents are still behind bars facing multiple child-cruelty charges. They are serving as their own attorneys and have a hearing scheduled for Friday.

Recardo Wimbush is a super religious former college football star. He and his wife turned themselves in during the summer of 2014 because they considered themselves criminals.

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