Woman At Walmart Feels Warm Liquid Hit Neck, Turns, Then Sees What This Man Has In His Hands


According to court records, Blake explained that he would masturbate in his truck or in the Walmart parking lot, then add his semen to the syringe.

When asked of his motivation, he was quoted as speculating that “maybe it was his way of having sex with these women and that was what he thought of when committing these acts.” He also mentioned being molested as a child.

Blake was released on $11,000 bond Jan. 3, but he is required to wear a GPS ankle monitor.   

This is not the only semen-related crime in the news lately. In December, three high school students in Nebraska got caught masturbating on school food, reported the Omaha World-Herald.

In that case, the boys added their bodily fluid to frosting that was applied to pastries being baked in Home Economics class. Since the act did not fit a particular category of crime, they were charged with merely disturbing the peace.

Sources: Daily Mail

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