Woman Is Handed Her Airplane Meal, Immediately Takes Photo To Have Proof Of Issue With It

How many times have you been told to stop playing with your food? Usually it is an admonition to stop shoveling it around the plate and eat it, but we just found a whole new reason for the old warning.

An unidentified flyer travelling from Sydney to Brisbane on Friday was taken aback by her dinner. Luckily, she took a picture of it before tucking into it. You are just simply not going to believe her meal.

The unidentified woman was a business class passenger aboard a Qantas airlines flight from Sydney to Brisbane.

When the flight attendant presented her dinner meal, the woman looked down and saw the most remarkably phallic vegetable she, or perhaps any of us, has ever seen.

When she asked exactly what it was, the flight attendant responded with “it’s a root vegetable.”

Heading up the culinary program for Qantas Airlines is celebrity chef Neil Perry, who has been partnering with the company since 2007, with the stated goal of elevating the in-flight dining experience.

Perry is an Australian chef, restaurateur, author and television presenter. He also is the co-ordinator for Qantas Flight Catering under his company Rockpool Consulting. He also cooks high quality Korean BBQ foods and is an expert in Asian cuisine.

Perry co-owns and is executive chef of numerous restaurants in Australia. In Sydney, he runs three restaurants located in the city’s CBD: his flagship fine-dining establishment Rockpool, modern Chinese restaurant Spice Temple, and steakhouse Rockpool Bar & Grill.

In Melbourne, there is the original incarnation of Rockpool Bar & Grill as well as the fine-dining Rosetta, which opened in late 2012.

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