Woman Drops Abuse Charges Against Husband, He Makes Her Regret It On Way Home


“Evil visited Andrea Crew in the form of her husband,” Lingan said. “Evil that manifested itself in a man that was able to look his wife in the eye and then choke the life out of her body.”

Walsh claimed Caleb had remorse for his actions, and suggested he may have been suffering from

post-traumatic stress disorder after a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Lingan rejected that line of defense, reports The Washington Post.

Arias Pineda, Andrea’s sister who traveled from Colombia for the sentencing hearing, testified in court and

mentioned how the couple’s daughter, Bethany, kisses pictures of her mother, and her older sister, Bella, sends her mother prayers.

“She knows her mom is in heaven,” Pineda testified through a translator. “She’s a little angel. She prays at night.

She prays that one day she will be with [her mother]. She asks God to protect her.”

Sources: Mirror 

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