Woman Accidentally Gives Engagement Ring To Homeless Man, Is Shocked By His Response


In February 2013, a black homeless man had his life forever change when a kindhearted woman passed him by on a Kansas City street and left him spare change — but something of hers unexpectedly dropped into his cup.

Unbeknownst to Sarah Darling, the woman who left homeless man Billy Ray Harris spare change, she had also dropped her engagement ring into his cup, Today.com reports. 

Harris, 55, considered selling the ring — he got it appraised at $4,000 — but listened to his conscience instead and decided not to go through with it. According to NBC News, he said his grandfather had raised him to be honest and wouldn’t approve of him taking the money.

Two days later, Sarah returned to where she had encountered Harris and, in a panic, asked about her ring, Little Things reports. Harris took the expensive ring from his pocket and gave it back to her.  

“I am not trying to say that I am no saint, but I am no devil either,” he said at the time.

Soon after, Darling and her husband, Bill Krejci, started an online fund to raise money for Harris to help him get back on his feet. 

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