Veteran Comes Back To Nasty Note On Her Parked Car, Responds Accordingly


Honoring our nation’s veterans is something that we need to get better at, no doubt. Volunteering to protect our way of life and defend peace and human rights around the world is a noble endeavor, and one that does not pay so well.

And the state of the US Veteran’s Administration has been lamented for decades without ever seeming to get better, no matter who is in charge.

Well, we just found a story about a veteran who was availing herself of one of the few tiny perks afforded to members of the military, a nice parking space, and the nasty note left by yet another parking lot busybody.

We are all sick of hearing about people that have nothing better to do with themselves than write nasty notes to leave anonymously on other people’s cars, but you are going to love this vet’s response.

Rebecca Landis Hayes stood up for her country with pride and dedication in the United States Navy for eight years. Now, living back in Concord, North Carolina, she has decided to stand up for herself, after some jerk leaves a snarky note on her car in a grocery store parking lot.

Recently, after returning to her car from shopping, she found a nasty little note stuck to her windshield.

The anonymous (of course) note said:

“This parking space is reserved for veterans, lady. Learn to read and have some respect.”

Now, this is the 21st century, and veterans come in every size and gender. And some people just need to stop making assumptions while they waste time in parking lots.

Ms. Hayes reacted to the snarky and ill-informed note by posting it, along with a comment, on her Facebook page, saying:

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