Teens Kidnap Special Needs Man, Torture Him, Try To Scalp Him – And Then They…


Four teens have been taken into custody by police for holding hostage, beating and torturing a young man in a Chicago West Side apartment on Jan. 3. The group of teens live-streamed their treatment of the victim on Facebook (video below).

Two men and two women, all believed to be aged 18, were arrested by Chicago police on Jan. 4 soon after officials learned of the 30-minute social media video, the Daily Mail reports.

The victim, a young man in his late teens or early 20s, is believed to be a schoolmate of one of the suspects and has special needs.

The hostage situation was posted on Facebook Live by a Brittany Herring but has since been deleted from her Facebook page. 

The team of suspects is believed to have held the victim hostage for one to two days, and reportedly sent text messages to the victim’s parents as they held the young man. The parents of the victims reported him missing on Jan. 2. 

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