Stepdaughter Asks For A Snack, Dad’s Response Could Put Him In Prison For Life


A Michigan man is facing life in prison after stabbing his stepdaughter to death and then setting her body on fire.

The incident occurred on Nov. 1. Thomas McClellan, 25, reportedly “snapped” after his 5-year-old stepdaughter, Luna Michelle Younger, repeatedly asked him for food, the Daily Mail reported.

During a preliminary hearing, Detective Chuck Buckland said Luna refused to leave McClellan’s room until he fed her. That’s when McClellan stabbed her, covered her body in sheets, poured vodka on her and then set her on fire.

Medical examiners said Luna was stabbed at least five times. She died from her stab wounds, and sustained burn wounds from the fire.

The Delhi Township fire department was called to the home to extinguish the flames. Firefighter Corey Drolett said they found Luna under smoldering blankets. He passed her body through a window to his colleague.

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