As Soon As She Sees Her Ultrasound She Knows It Will Go Viral, Posts It Online [video]


Seeing your baby’s ultrasound picture for the first time is an amazing experience. It’s like getting a sneak peek into your new growing child’s world. Oftentimes, mothers will stare at those photos for hours, picking apart all the facial features and making early decisions regarding who the baby resembles.

Suddenly, that baby is no longer a stranger and there is a photo to go along with the growing miracle inside the mother’s body. Months after the image was processed, mothers can still be found staring at it in awe.

For anyone who had a baby before the mid-1950s, the accessibility to an ultrasound photo of a baby in the womb is like a foreign language, as the high frequency technique involving sound waves, has only been around since then.

Mothers today have it made when it comes to having a nice little souvenir of their growing baby.

One mother is so proud of her baby’s ultrasound photo that she is sharing it with the world. But, she has a good reason for her excitement…she believes that the black and white photo contains an image of Jesus on the cross.

New mom, Allie Meyer of Evansville, Indiana, has a reason for her exciting discovery in the ultrasound image. Meyer has Crohn’s disease and she has been very worried about the condition affecting her and the baby during pregnancy, so she has taking this image as a sign of comfort and reassurance.

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