Restaurant Owner Who Banned Anyone Who Voted For Trump, Gets Exactly What He Deserved

In Honolulu, Hawaii, Trump voters are apparently not welcomed. One café owner has decided to ban everyone who voted for President-elect Trump.

Because the establishment hates Republicans and “Real Americans”, those not welcomed into their uppity café found a clever way to make them feel the burn.

The café quickly saw their ratings on Facebook and Yelp drop faster than a set of dominoes or a Jenga tower built by a three-year-old.

Everything began when the owners of the 8 ½ Café proudly taped up a handmade sign on their restaurant that read, “If you voted for Trump you can not eat here!”

But the sign wasn’t finished. It closed the message with “No Nazis.” Trump supports in Hawaii and across the country quickly came out to demolish the café’s reputation online…

Nazism was built “on a platform of discrimination, exclusionary politics, and demonization of political opponents,” the Conservative Tribune reports.

The sign is very weak. It was handwritten on a piece of yellow paper. It very likely could have been a prank pulled to give the café publicity. Whatever its intention, the sign has since forced the café to nearly shut its doors.

When this story went viral (and more Trump supporters are seeing it every day), the restaurant’s online ratings have plummeted. The café’s Facebook page gives it just a 1.9 rating and Yelp has it listed at just 2/5 stars – abysmal!

Trump supports all rated the establishment as low as possible – here’s why!

“I voted for Trump and will do it again in 4 years, no skin off my nose as my next trip to Honolulu Hawaii will not have me stopping in to eat at your place, sad hate to see people loose there lively hood but you get what is coming to you. By the way good luck with your going out of business.”

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