You Probably Think Those Are Just Ladybugs In Your House, The Truth Is Much More Dangerous

  • Even for people who hate all kinds of bugs, the exception to that rule is the ladybug.

Not only is it good luck for it to land on you, it is a cute, harmless little beetle few can scorn. And if a swarm of ladybugs invaded your home, you might be perturbed but certainly not terrified.

In Central Texas, many residents will be experiencing something similar. But instead of ladybugs, their homes will become infested with Asian lady beetles. While these bugs might look similar to the adorable ladybugs, they’re anything but friendly – and they are a nonnative species that stole the ladybug’s looks so they would be accepted.

Since they look so similar, what can really be so different about ladybugs and Asian lady beetles? The truth is terrifying.

While ladybugs are completely harmless, Asian lady beetles bite and try to feed on humans.

“They have a habit of tasting things they land on,” University of Texas entomologist Dr. Alex Wild told KEYE.

As you can guess by the name, Asian lady beetles are not native to Texas or the United States. But the unwanted Japanese beetle was initially introduced to the southern US states back in the 1960s to help with pest control. Now these creatures are terrorizing Texans and invading their homes.

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