Customer Won’t Stop Complaining. Then He Sees The Cashier’s Pin, Shuts His Mouth Instantly


A San Francisco grocery store decided to conduct a social experiment to demonstrate to its affluent customers what life in poverty is like.

One day, the shoppers were treated to an astronomic increase in prices at the checkout counter, which caused many to not be able to afford the basic staples of life.

You should hear the grocery store’s reasoning for the demonstration. One day recently, customers at a San Francisco grocery store were outraged when they tried to check out, and discovered that their spinach was twenty five dollars and a loaf of bread had suddenly shot to an unbelievable forty dollars.

No, there was no run on food stuffs, no attempt at emergency profiteering, no labor or product shortages.

The grocery store was working with Tipping Point Community, a social justice and poverty relief organization, to demonstrate to those of us who are lucky enough to be able to shop, how difficult it is to live in poverty.

Tipping Point Community worked with the tony Nob Hill grocer to give customers prices that were proportionally representative to living in poverty.

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