Photo Lab Employees Fired After Doing Something Infuriating With a Couple’s Photos


Jordan Areaux and her boyfriend Masyn Lehl were excited to tell their families they were expecting their first child together, and they decided to head to a local Christmas Tree farm to take pictures announcing their happy news.

They wanted to wrap up the pictures as gifts for her family, announcing that the first grandbaby was on the way.

Areaux was especially excited to give the picture to her grandmother, who is sick with cancer.

“It would be the first grandbaby in our family, and my grandma actually has cancer, so we were going to kind of surprise her,” she said.

They took the film to their local Meijer grocery store to have them developed, and that’s where things took a turn.

Employees at the photo lab took pictures of Areaux’s announcement and began texting it to various friends, all without their consent.

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