People Disturbed To See What Parents Did To Baby (Video)


A viral video of a 1-year-old girl is causing controversy online. The video (below) shows the toddler in her crib playing with her mother.

When the mom drops a small towel over the girl’s face, she seems to play dead. The mother laughs, and the baby removes the towel.

The video may seem harmless and playful to some, but to others, the video crosses a line.

“It certainly is not adorable,” one user wrote in the Daily Mail’s comments section. “Who would want a child that did this. Very creepy and so are the parents.”

“I must say that this disturbed me a little,” another commenter added. “Surely there are better things to play with a baby and occupy them.”

“Hate this, should not be encouraged in children,” another wrote. “Not good at all.”

“‘My wife and I were changing our one-year-old daughter and playing with her like we always do to make her smile,” the father of the child wrote in the video’s description.

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