Pastor In Hot Water Over What He Said About This Disabled Woman (Photo)


A Missouri pastor who mocked an overweight woman being towed by a Good Samaritan in a truck has apologized after public outrage (video below).

Kansas City pastor Lamond Rushing of Faith Worship Family Center saw Becky Kittrell hitch her wheelchair to a Toyota Tundra after the wheelchair had broken down.

He filmed her on his smartphone and posted the footage on Facebook, deriding the woman.

Kittrell told WDAF that the battery died on her wheelchair and she was left freezing outside until a kind stranger helped her.

“If I get stuck for a period of time and stuff, I get so cold I’ll be like, ‘I have to get home’,” says Kittrell. “That’s all the thing, I just needed, just somebody to help me.”

The woman says she’s grateful to the Good Samaritan who assisted her on that cold day.

“They were nice and they did everything they could do for me and stuff, and I thanked them for doing it for me,” she explained.

However, Rushing happened to capture the moment on camera and used it as an opportunity to ridicule her, according to WDAF.

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