Owner Who Left Dog On The Side Of The Road To Die Was Just Handed Some Very Bad News

  • Back in May, Henry, a golden retriever, was dumped by his heartless owner.

Because the careless human didn’t want to deal with the dog’s problem, she claimed to find an abandoned adorable animal on a beach. Then she took him to a hospital and left him to die. But fate worked in the dog’s favor.

Before the dog was taken to the AAA Animal Hospital, he was abandoned on the sandy beach. Now his heartless owner Sherri Haughton has been charged with life-endangering animal neglect, failure to care for an animal, animal abandonment, and interfering with the duty of an animal control officer. These charges are all misdemeanors.

But now Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Malone has been able to charge the cruel Haughton with animal cruelty. Karma has caught up with the heartless owner and she faces two years in jail.

Learn more about this crime and the punishment Sherri Haughton will receive…

Haughton did bring the dog to a rescue facility claiming he was a stray. He had a huge growth on his side which weighed 42 pounds. It prevented him from moving because it blocked his leg from walking normally. Not only that, the dog could not lift his leg to relieve himself.

Henri was taken to the Newport Beach animal hospital and underwent surgery to remove the enormous tumor. Community donations paid for the surgery.

“He’s a happy dog now that he’s received the treatment that he needs,” said Nick Ott, an animal control officer with the Newport Beach Police Department.

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