She’s Been On Welfare For 14 Years. Thinks She’s Entitled, Has New Outrageous Demands

Sometime in the early 1980’s a myth arose in this country. Described by then-president Ronald Reagan as the “welfare queen”,

it was a picture of a young woman gaming government programs to live the high life at taxpayer expense.

Now we bring you a story about a British woman who seems to fill the classic, albeit discredited, stereotype to a tee. Love her or hate her, you really need to hear her story.

UK tabloid The Daily Mail is reporting the story of Anna Broom, A thirty three year old woman who has been receiving government benefits for fourteen years.

Now that she has met Mr. Right, Ms. Broom is asking for taxpayers to provide for her dream wedding.

She is asking for about seven thousand British pounds to pay for her wedding. Among the items on her wishlist for a fairytale ceremony?

She hopes for a designer dress, a champagne toast for her fifty guests, and a horse drawn carriage ride to the ceremony which she hopes to hold in an English Castle.

She is also hoping for another fifteen hundred pounds for the couple’s honeymoon in Mexico. Broom says “I’ve dreamed about being a bride since I was 12-years-old.

I deserve a fairy tale church wedding and a party in a castle. but there’s no way I could afford it on benefits and I can’t work because I’m overweight.”

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