Rider Tells NYC Carriage Horse To Ride Through Traffic Light – Horse Collapses From Exhaustion


Riding in a horse-drawn carriages is a New York City tradition of sorts — for over a century, these horse-and-buggies are a cute novelty experience for visiting tourists who want to take a relaxing ride through Central Park.

However, a recent carriage accident calls into question whether the operation is worth the strain it takes on the horses. Regulations have been put in place by the ASPCA, but it’s quite hard to enforce these rules beyond sporadic spot checks.

Bogdan Paul Angheluta, a Long Island resident, was leaving a nightclub over Labor Day weekend at 2:00 AM.

He claims that he witnessed the carriage driver encourage his horse to quickly drive through a green light before it changed. The horse was too exhausted to comply.

Angheluta was concerned for the horse, 14 year old Norman, so he snapped these pictures. You can see the driver trying to stop him — but it’s clear that this poor horse is overworked!

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