Neighbors Question New Addition Underway At Obama’s $5.3 Million Mansion


When the Obama family is forced out of the White House in a few weeks, they will return to their multi-million dollar mansion in Washington, D.C. Because they’re expected there soon, the lavish $5.3 million dollar “home” is being renovated for their arrival.

But locals are noticing strange changes to the property. And when you find out what is happening, you’ll also see why the Obama’s home is causing quite the controversy. Check out what is happening to their home now…

During his time as president, Obama has used executive orders to slash people’s access to guns and also to protect Islam. Both gun control and Islam seem to be emotional and heart-felt issues for him.

Over the last eight years, we’ve been forced to watch Obama become emotional over gun control issues and lecture the American Christian majority on how peaceful Islam is, although Muslims have pledged their lives to kill the infidels as jihadists carrying out one of the Quran’s 109 verses of violence.

Although Obama thrust his politics onto the American people, the Democrats who have lauded him the entire time are now starting to see the truth. Obama doesn’t practice what he preaches. And we are seeing that with how he has decided to add some “odd” additions to his D.C. property.

Because Barack and Michelle wanted their 15-year-old daughter Sasha to finish high school in Washington, D.C. where she has lived most of her life, they bought a “humble” 8,200-sqft mansion in Kalorama.

New construction permits obtained by TMZ, the celebrity news outlet, has discovered that Obama is building a security fence around his mansion and will hire a security detail to protect his family.

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