Mom Whose Son Vanished 30 Years Ago Gets Unexpected News About His Fate


Despite the fact these may be her last days on earth, all 73-year-old cancer patient Bernice Abeyta can think about is finding the son she lost decades ago.

  • “I wouldn’t be alive if I didn’t do it,” Abeyta explains, KDVR reports.

Thirty years ago, Abeyta’s seven-month old baby, Christopher, was taken from her overnight while the family slept.

For decades, the Colorado mother has held onto hope she will one day reunite with her son.

“When Christopher disappeared it was like I lost my future. I lost the beginning of our life,” she once said, KKTV reports.

But now that Abeyta is expected to lose her life soon from stage four gallbladder cancer, her dream to find her baby no longer seems as attainable.

The desperate mother now begs the public to help fulfill her dying wish.

“You want your children to be free … and have a life. So I’d like this solved before I go,” the heartbroken elderly mother explained while crying.

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