Mom Tells Him Not To Touch Glass Of Water, But His Response Has Me In Stitches


Nothing is funnier than when little kids do something naughty. It gives weight to the old adage that says “Kids do the darndest things.”

We just found a great video clip of a toddler pushing the buttons of his mommy. In this hilarious video, the little bugger is trying to get at a glass of water, and the vigilant mother knows what will happen next.

The two become locked in the most adorable battle of the wills ever caught on tape. You are going to love this video.

Once this kid gets it in his head that he wants to grab that glass of water, nothing can change his mind. Nothing, that is, until his mom tells him “no!”

Except that he decides he is going to go for it anyway, leading to a battle of the wits that any veteran parent will immediately recognize, and laugh at.

Social media and the internet have gone crazy over this video. It has been viewed over one million times and people have shared their own thoughts on it by the hundreds, saying things like:

  • “That baby is actually a cat.”- Usha Brahma
  • “Some say they’re still doing that to this day.”- Electrogames
  • “I really wanted the water to be spilled to be honest, haha.” Rikardo Pardede

“OMG! That baby has to be very clever, he is clearly doing it on purpose in the end! Crazy in that age!”- Kimiisland

“Of course this baby is testing the waters and the good mother has disciplined him by saying no. This is what should happen for a child of this age.

What is not good is parents who sit back and do nothing because they say it’s a baby. Babies will never learn if you don’t teach.”- Aaron Schumacher

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