Mom Shocked To Finally Learn Why Twins Look Different (Video)


When Chrissy Bernal first became pregnant in 1999, it took her doctors six months to realize that she would be having twins (video below).

One of them was so small that earlier scans didn’t even pick her up, according to Little Things. One month later, the Texas mom gave birth to premature babies at 34 weeks during a risky C-section.

 Daughter Sierra came out looking healthy and normal for a premature baby, but Chrissy noticed that Sienna “Sinny” weighed little more than a pound and had a giant head and translucent skin. Chrissy thought she looked a little bit like an alien.

Nobody had any idea what was different about Sienna, but doctors said she had a 10 percent chance to live through the next few days. What’s more, she would be a “vegetable” even if she did make it.

Sienna had a hole in her heart, and chronic lung disease, according to a 2011 Fox News report.

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