Mom Discovers Real Reason Why Son Wouldn’t Open His Eyes (Photos)


However, Richie seems to prefer to be left the way he was born, after rubbing both out during feedings and burpings.

One of the expanders was lost and believed to be eaten by the family dog. Serendipitously, the other was found while Kelly was on the phone with a surgeon and she was able to re-insert it.

“It was so emotional, but I knew I had to do it. I knew that he needed this and I had no other choice; we were going to get it back in,” Kelly recalled.

The Lopez’s are hopeful and optimistic about little Richie’s future, but are readying themselves for reactions from the public — which they expect to be “ignorant” of their baby’s condition. The family has good reason to be hopeful:

doctors have told the family that their baby does have an optic nerve, which means one day he may be able to see. For Kelly, that brings her hope.

“That would be amazing,” she said. “I do hope that one day that they’ll be able to either grow an eye or transplant an eye.”

According to 3TV, the family has enrolled Richie in “developmental programs designed for blind babies and plays with specially designed toys.”

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