Man Who Chained Dog To Cage And Drove On Highway Claims He Did Nothing Wrong. Should He Be Arrested?


When Brenna Cronin drove on the highway, she never expected to see something so cruel and unusual, she’d be forced to take her phone out and captured the moment.

But sure enough, Brenna looked out her window and saw someone driving with their dog chained to the top of a cage as they sped along I-95 in Florida.

In the clip, you’ll see the poor, terrified dog struggling to stay on the cage as his owner relentlessly speeds along the highway.

The disturbing footage was shared on Brenna’s Facebook page on Wednesday. When her friends saw it, they were appalled.

As a result, they shared it with their friends and before long the police took notice of this cruel animal owner.

Animal services are investigating the horror after seeing the “disturbing” clip. But when they confronted the owner, he insisted that he did nothing.

Then he blamed it on the dog – saying that the pooch prefers to ride on top of the cage…

As you’ll see in the footage, the gray pit bull is chained to the top of a cage that has several other dogs locked inside.

What this animal owner was doing transporting the animals like this is unknown. But it is suspicious.

While Brenna’s vehicle drives by the Chevrolet SUV, the gray pit bull starts to stand up. Despite traveling at speeds exceeding 70 mph, the dog risks its life to search for a more comfortable seat.

When the video went viral, it was viewed more than 1.5 million times in a day and has since been shared upwards of 10,000 times.

The owner was quickly identified. But because he has drawn a lot of heat, he has not wanted to be interviewed on camera. But he allegedly told Action News Jax that the dog enjoys riding on the dangerous side of life.

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