You Can’t Make This Stuff Up. Cops Agree, It’s One Of The Strangest Calls They Ever Went On


When Daniel Brian Blackwell, 55, realized that his wife had taken a bite out of his grilled cheese sandwich, he fired a shot into the kitchen floor.

Then as she fled from the house with their three children, Blackwell fired three more shots, narrowly missing his wife and children.

The man was so angry that his wife had stolen some of his grilled cheese sandwich, he scared his family out of his house and then engaged the Baltimore police in a three-hour ARMED standoff.

Allegedly, Blackwell’s wife was making dinner when he fired a shot through the basement floor and into the kitchen after he realized she had taken a bite out of his sandwich. But that was only the start of the chaos. Discover the entire story below…

Before fleeing the scene, Blackwell’s wife gave her husband the benefit of the doubt. She went to go check on him and found him in the basement surrounded by an armada of guns.

She ran upstairs and Blackwell fired three more shots into the kitchen. She screamed for her children and ushered them all outside. Fortunately, no one was hurt…

But this was only the beginning of the Grilled Cheese Standoff.

Police arrived on the scene at about 4:45 pm with their K-9 unit and Hostage Negotiation teams. But Blackwell refused to listen to reason. He barricaded himself behind his guns and locked his home for three hours.

Because the Baltimore man was armed and dangerous, police blocked off a radius of several blocks and urged neighbors to stay away.

Eventually, he gave up and walked out onto the porch. Police used pepper balls to subdue Blackwell, who had a holster of ammunition – but was not carrying his weapon when he left the property.

However, he had his lever-action long gun right there beside the front door, in case he changed his mind and wanted to take down some police.

He was arrested and taken into custody. Blackwell underwent an emergency mental health evaluation. Authorities have not reported whether alcohol or drugs were involved in the incident.

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