On Live TV, Lion Does Something Unthinkable To A Helpless Baby (Video)


Mexican television program, “Con Sello de Mujer,” featured a lion and baby on live TV. It’s not surprising the encounter ended in disaster (video below).

A clip from the show shows the moment a baby was attacked by a lion while zoo handlers tried desperately to pry its jaws open, according to Daily Mail.

The show ended in 2007, but the video has resurfaced in recent days.

The show starts out normally enough, as two lion handlers sit with the wild animal on the talk show. Sitting between the handlers is a mother with her young child in her lap.

The lion cub calmly sits on the floor until the woman’s daughter starts to cry. The noise sparks the lion’s interest.

Suddenly, the lion jumps to its feet and goes for the baby, clamping down on her leg with its teeth. To make matters worse, the baby screams in fright, which aggravates the lion more.

The lion trainer tries grappling with the animal’s face to force it to let go of the baby.

The child’s mother seems to be in shock and pulls her daughter towards her as the wild animal tugs the toddler’s leg the other way.

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