Doctors Dismissed Her Illness As A Stomach Bug, 5 Months Later They Give Her Years To Live


When Sheryl Newman-Overton’s gynecologist said that her bloated stomach was nothing to worry about, she took the professional for his word.

But less than five months later, the 54-year-old Florida woman was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer and given a slim chance of survival.

The U.S. Army soldier from Tampa, Florida and mother of six and grandmother of eighteen thought something was wrong, but her doctor assured her to stop worrying.

If she had listened to her instinct instead of the quack with a medical license, she could have caught the cancer earlier.

Now she has only a 17 percent chance of living until she is 59.

Learn more about this horrible case and what Sheryl can do about it! Sheryl was first diagnosed with the deadly cancer in January 2016. She opened up about her horrible problem with Fox 5 Atlanta, saying:

“I didn’t recognize the symptoms. I didn’t push it,” Sheryl said.

Dr. Kelly Manahan, the professional who is now treating her cancer, says that most women overlook these symptoms.

Plus, the doctor says they are more common than you think. But if this story has anything to say about it, some doctors don’t take the symptoms of ovarian cancer seriously. That means you need to look out for your own best interest.

Here are the symptoms you need to look out for to catch ovarian cancer early:

-Persistent abdominal bloating
-Persistent abdominal pain
-Changes in appetite
-Frequent urination
-Changes in bowel movements
-Feeling tired or sudden low energy

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