Granddaughter Sets Secret Camera To See How Grandma Treated In Nursing Home…


When a 98-year-old woman told her family she was being abused by the staff at the nursing home in which she lived, they became concerned.

They set up a hidden camera to find out for themselves what was really going on and what they saw shocked them.

Minnie Graham spent the last few years of her life living in a Garland, Texas, nursing home, according to Little Things. One day, she began telling her family that she was being abused by the staff, pointing to one hospice worker in particular. 

Graham’s family was concerned, but when they found bruises, black eyes, and a split lip, they knew they had to do something.

Workers told Graham’s granddaughters that she had fallen out of her wheelchair several times. The family did not believe them, so they decided to take action.

Graham’s granddaughters rigged a clock with a hidden camera and, while visiting their grandmother one day, placed it in her room. They waited for the camera to capture an explanation for the injuries, and what they saw horrified them.

According to a report by KDFW, Brenna Tiller, a former hospice worker at Winters Park Nursing Home, was caught on camera hitting, mocking and cursing at Graham, while the elderly woman screamed in pain.

She also sprayed Graham with water and put a towel in her mouth after it was used to clean her body.

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