Girl Comes Home In Tears After Teacher Yells At Her Over What’s On Her Sweatshirt


“She was ashamed and belittled in front of everyone in the classroom,” she said. “She didn’t know what to think. She was so upset.”

Four days after their initial article was published, Outdoor News ran a follow-up piece relating the school’s side of the story.

“Approximately six weeks ago (on Nov. 21), several children expressed concern to their teacher over the image on a shirt worn by a classmate,” the school district stated, according to Outdoor News.

“The teacher then took the student into the hallway and quietly asked her to take the shirt off. The student complied.”

The school district then challenged Domonique’s mother’s version of the ensuing phone conversation, stating that an apology was issued by the school.

“Following a phone call from the student’s mother, an apology was issued almost immediately to the student and the family by the teacher, principal, and superintendent,” the district said.

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