Woman Verbally Abuses Begger With Down Syndrome. What Would You Do If You Saw This?


This young man is working at a grocery store when a customer suddenly strolls her car to his line. Immediately, the woman starts to insult the employee who has Down Syndrome. Thankfully, both the woman and the employee are acting.

This is a social experiment to test what people would do in a situation where they witness terrible and despicable behavior.

The actress verbally abuses the grocery store employee and focuses on his disability. She insults him for being slow, and she wonders aloud how someone like him could even have a job. Throughout the video, spectators look on and observe the commotion.

Some people are quiet and refuse to get involved. Others speak up and share their opinion. They tell the actress that the boy is like everyone else and deserves a job.

But the most surprising thing is what happens when teenage actors make their way to the disabled employee’s checkout line. People are instantly more confident in speaking out and scolding the teenagers for being so mean and terrible to the boy.

Finally, a man comes in to insult the young employee. Fortunately, a teacher steps and speaks out.

Watch Video Below:

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