Dog Eats Her Own Puppies Alive, Man Arrested When Police Find Out Why


A dog was tied up by its owner with heavy chains and neglected so badly that she ate her own puppies to survive.

Hernando County, Florida, police discovered the horrifying scene after responding to reports of a man being bitten by a pit bull. When animal enforcement officers arrived, they found three malnourished dogs tied up. The owner, 21-year-old Deandre Goodson, was arrested on animal cruelty charges.

One of the dogs, named Chi Chi, was found covered in scars with badly deformed ears, and it was ultimately determined that she was so hungry and in such bad shape that she resorted to eating her own puppies.

“Authorities were able to contact Goodson by phone who agreed to meet deputies at the Hernando County Animal Services offices in Brooksville,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement, Daily Mail reported.

“Goodson said a friend, Breon Wyatt, had given him the dog about a year ago. He indicated the dog got out of the yard a couple of months ago and he had only recently found Chi Chi and brought her back home.

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