Shocking Discovery Made Inside 15-Foot Gator (Photos)


Experts were stunned to find a fully intact adult female deer and two squirrels inside the stomach of a 1,000-pound, 15-foot-long, record-breaking alligator found in Alabama.

“I’ve looked at the stomach contents of a lot of alligators and have never seen a squirrel in any of them,” said Dr. Kent Vliet, a reptilian biologist who has been researching reptiles for 30 years, reports

“I don’t even know how a gator that big would go about catching one. Maybe they fell into the water during a storm or something.”

What is more puzzling is that alligators’ strong stomach acid is capable of burning a human hand within a few minutes, but for some reason did not touch the deer or the two squirrels.

“In my experience, the hair and some of the skin would have been gone on that deer within the first 36 hours.

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