Dad Confronts Cruel Teacher For Claiming Daughter’s Shoes Aren’t Black Enough


Dave Hopper could not believe when his daughter was turned away for the second time, along with 50 other students, who didn’t meet the unbelievably strict dress code at an English school.

The father, an ex-policeman, was furious when his daughter was kicked out the day before for not wearing a blazer, then again when her shoes weren’t black enough.

Hopper found it strange because the previous day she was told the shoes were acceptable.

He believes over the summer, parents were sent a dress code with drastically different guidelines than the ones being enforced at the school.

“They’re not plain, black, leather shoes. They’ve got color on them, they’re also suede,” said the headmaster, Matthew Tate. However, Hopper wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

“Look at them, they are perfectly black, they are perfectly normal, everyday shoes. Tell me what it is that is wrong with those?” The father said. He then asked the headmaster if he would have to buy his daughter another pair of shoes, the headmaster told him that he would.

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