Cops Take One Look At Video Evidence, Start An Immediate Manhunt For Football Player


After he allegedly punched female student Amelia Molitor in 2014, Joe Mixon, a running back for the University of Oklahoma was charged with a misdemeanor. Reports claimed he “punched Amelia Molitor in the face so hard fracturing multiple bones in her face.”

But now that the case has been in the court system for two years, the Oklahoma Supreme Court finally ruled that the city of Normand had to release their surveillance footage at the sandwich shop where the attack occurred. The courts need to see what really happened on that fateful day.

The city had until December 26th to either comply or appeal the Supreme Court’s decision. And on Friday Mixon’s attorney has finally released the video…

The video footage is included below. You’ll see a blonde young woman and a young man walking into the sandwich shop. She leans over onto a table and then indicates for Joe Mixon to come over.

She straights up and gets in Mixon’s face. He is about to walk away when she pushes him. He doesn’t budge. Then she slaps him across the face and that’s when he reacts with a right hook that knocks her down.

After hitting the woman, the Oklahoma running back leaves the sandwich shop, praying no one saw his crime.

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