21-Year-Old With 10 Kids Tries To Pull A Fast One On Judge Judy, Gets Absolutely Destroyed


If there is anyone on daytime television known for sass and attitude, it is Judge Judy. Besides being a fair law woman, Judge Judy is known for tolerating ABSOLUTELY NO NONSENSE in her courtroom.

And as a viewer, you probably laugh at how quickly she makes the stupid people who step into her court feel like idiots.

When a 21-year-old welfare leech who fathered 10 children from different women walked into her court and mouthed off to Judge Judy, she ANNIHILATED him on national television. And we’ve got the clip below to prove it…

Because the man has been living off of government support all of adult life and loves blaming others for his problems, especially Obama, this welfare recipient turns his hatred and loathing on Judge Judy herself. Big mistake!

As you know, Judge Judy likes to get down to business. When the man steps up to the stand accusing the other woman of selling him illegal goods, he accidentally admits he has ten children.

“Why do you have ten children?” Judge Judy asks. She just can’t control her astonishment that this young man has fathered so many kids in such a short period of time.

His answer is simple and sweet: “I love kids.” But is he telling her the truth. Judge Judy doesn’t think so…

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