Woman Opens New Pill Bottle From Walmart, Quickly Spots It And Dials 911 Right Away

Have you ever purchased something at the grocery store, but when you got home, you realized you picked up the wrong size or brand or color? It happens to us all. But what happened with one woman’s grocery store mix up could have been harmful if she hadn’t been paying attention.

A Mustang, Oklahoma, woman recently opened a bottle of pills she purchased at her local Wal-Mart store and found the wrong medication inside. She reported the pill problem to the police, but there is still confusion about the details of the incident. Read on to hear the whole story and learn what you can do to stop the same thing from happening to you.

When Amber Johnson opened a bottle of over the counter antacids, she found something shocking inside. Instead of the small, green tablets she was used to seeing, she found crushed up versions of another brand altogether.

“[There was] nothing wrong the box or bottle, completely sealed, the glue’s sealed, the silver foil on the top was still sealed, just like any of the previous bottles I’ve purchased before,” she said.

She contacted the manufacturer right away in an attempt to get to the bottom of the incident. “Once they transferred me to the manufacturer, they asked me several questions, got the information on the box, and they seemed about as shocked as I did,” she said.

The pills inside Johnson’s medicine bottle had the brand name Tums written on them, even though the packaging read Equate. The two brands are not manufactured at the same plant.

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